Dual Accreditation

Damascus Christian School is dual accredited by AdvancED/ACSI, both public and private.

Why become accredited?

First, school accreditation by a reputable agency is the seal of quality on an educational organization. As the Association of Christian Schools International says in their accreditation manual forward, “The ‘accredited’ seal denotes a school that has met institutional standards of quality and that verifies a commitment to strategic improvement and ongoing accountability.” It is a very effective way for a school to evaluate itself in light of its mission and AdvancED/ACSI’s established criteria for outstanding schools.

There are three significant elements to accreditation:

  1. Intensive, institution-wide self-appraisal, analysis, and improvement planning
  2. External consultation, review, validation, and insights from a visiting peer group
  3. Ongoing accountability for improvement through annual reporting and renewal.