Calling All Alumni — DCS Alumni Database

We want to hear from you. Please fill out the DCS Alumni Form below and return it to us right away! Even if you can not attend local events, we would like to hear from you so that we can add you to our new Alumni database that is being created for future emails and invitations.

Events for Alumni

The great thing about our alumni is that we get to see many of them again. Some will be at the school’s auctions, others bring their own kids to school here and more than a few have ended up teaching in the same classrooms where they had been taught.

That’s because being at Damascus Christian School is like being with a supportive family. At least, that’s what our alumni say.

Alumni Profiles


DCS: What have you done since you graduated from DCS?
Melissa: I went to Mt. Hood Community College and earned my Associate Degree then I went to Western Oregon University for my junior year. In the meantime I met my husband to be. So I finished my last year at Portland State University and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Social Science. From there I went straight into the Masters program at George Fox University and earned my Masters in Teaching.

DCS: What are you doing now?
Melissa: I taught at a Christian school after getting my Masters. And now I’m a stay at home mom. We have a five year old, a four year old and a ten month old. And we’re excited to bring our five year old to Damascus for kindergarten in the fall of 2015. My husband and I are sending our kids to DCS because we want somewhere they’ll be safe and learn the Biblical worldview that we have.

DCS: Did Damascus Christian School prepare you for all that you have accomplished?
Melissa: Absolutely. I think one of the things DCS prepared me for the most was study skills. The teachers cared about more than just good grades. They cared about how you got there and held you accountable. And I felt extremely prepared with writing skills. Not only did that get me ready for college essay tests but also for all the papers I had to write for my Masters degree!

DCS: What difference did the school make in your spiritual life?
Melissa: It made a huge difference because of the school’s Biblical worldview. All the teachers sign they are in agreement with that. And you can tell they follow the Word and their lives are living examples. And they were the kind of teachers that you wanted to emulate. There is fruit in their life. And they prayed for us and honestly cared for us. They were so concerned about your heart and so interested in your spiritual life.

We love hearing alumni reports like this. Send us an update and let us know what you are up to! We’d love to share it with others.