The Bible Is The Basis For Everything We Do

Damascus Christian is dedicated to working with parents to give our kids a Biblical worldview. We desire to see our students transformed through the discipleship model and SOAR spiritually.  

Discipleship Explained 


Spiritual Transformation

  • Students pray with and for each other every single day.
  • Worship and Chapel happen each week.
  • In high school, students participate in discipleship groups.


  • The entire school participates in outreach and community service..


  • Elementary students have Bible lessons, memorize Bible verses and roll play Bible stories.
  • Students in sixth grade go to outdoor school on the high desert of Central Oregon with a Christ centered curriculum tailored for the experience. Juniors and seniors go along on the trip as counselors.


  • There are annual trips that are all about building their faith: A trip to Yellowstone National Park is all about teaching the Biblical worldview through science. Washington D.C. trip is about teaching a Biblical worldview through history. Trips locally to investigate God's creation and examine His imprint on both people and the physical world around them