Effectively Meeting Diverse Needs

To more effectively meet the diverse needs of our DCS community, the Discovery Department continues to expand its services. Since 1990, the Discovery Program at DCS has effectively addressed areas of concern, such as: learning to read, developing fluency in reading and math, following directions, thinking efficiently, problem solving, attending, reading comprehension, spelling accurately, mathematical reasoning, writing legibly and fluently, etc. Having received extensive training through the National Institute of Learning Development, our Discovery staff is uniquely equipped to collaborate with teachers, support and encourage parents, and provide students with tools for learning. Discovery staff are professionally certified through NILD as educational therapists and also through the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) as dyslexia therapists.

Collaboration for Academic Success

Discovery teachers collaborate regularly with classroom teachers, providing suggestions for accommodations or modifications to help each child experience academic success. In addition, Rachel Velez, Discovery Program Coordinator, provides professional enrichment through workshops and/or informal instruction in areas such as: emotions and learning, teaching spelling—moving beyond rote memory, developing higher level thinking skills, reading fluency, students in a digital world, differentiated instruction, etc.

Any school parent with a concern about their student’s academic progress will experience support and encouragement when chatting with one of our Discovery teachers. Discovery staff is available to answer your questions and/or give practical suggestions regarding ADHD, dyslexia, autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities, and sensory integration issues. 504 Plans written by the public school are facilitated through the Discovery Department when students transfer to DCS.

Services to our students include the following:
  • One-on-one educational therapy which teaches students how to learn, assisting them in becoming independent and successful learners in the classroom.
  • Rx for Discovery Reading which effectively equips a struggling reader with tools for becoming a successful reader. This dynamic small group intervention created significant gains for students in our pilot program during the 2010/2011 school year.
  • Academic coaching which provides students with organizational tips, reading comprehension strategies, and study skill techniques.
  • Individualized Academic Plans (IAP) for students whose diagnostic testing indicates that accommodations and/or modifications are necessary to assure academic gains
  • TEACH program which provides early intervention for any kindergarten or 1st grader who appears vulnerable to reading difficulties
  • Educational battery of tests for students with learning difficulties.
  • Informal oral reading assessments and spelling inventories for elementary students

For concerns or questions, contact Rachel Velez at 503-658-4100 ext. 215.