Damascus Christian School: National Honor Society


Membership in the National Honor Society is an honor presented to students who have demonstrated excellence in each of the National Honor Society’s four pillars — Academic Achievement, Character, Leadership, and Service. Selection is a privilege and not all students are awarded membership the first time their achievements are reviewed. Some students have not had sufficient opportunity and time to develop excellence in each of the four NHS pillars and will be invited to apply again.

National Honor Society Application

National Honor Society Bylaws

National Honor Society Offices


In order to join the National Honor Society, students must have maintained at least a 3.5 GPA with no instances of academic dishonesty.


The student should be of impeccable character – honest and truthful, full of integrity, accepting responsibility for his/her actions, courteous, considerate, and exhibiting the ability to stand on principle rather than peer pressure. This character is exhibited not only at school, but also consistently wherever the student interacts with others.


The student should function as a leader within the school and or community. This leadership does not necessarily mean holding a school club or class office, as the student may demonstrate leadership by consistently taking on the responsibility of a group and seeing that the group achieves its goal. There are many ways a student may exhibit leadership, but even though the leadership may be quiet and unobtrusive, it should be consistent. Leadership should be diverse and observable both inside and outside of the classroom.


The student gives back to the school and community through service, volunteering without payment. This service should be consistent, diverse, and significant. This service should not have been a one-time event or a few scattered hours.