When you have questions about DCS or need some help, want information, wish to share a concern or present an idea, to whom do you turn?

Important Contacts

Classroom Related Work and Discipline (assignments, homework, make-up work, field trips, due dates, etc.)
The classroom teacher

School Calendar, School Events, Immunizations, Forms, Lost and Found, etc.
Heidi Hale, Secretary (503) 658-4100, ext. 200

Financial Matters (bills, fees and other expenses)
Mrs. Kristie Herdener, Bookkeeper (503) 658-4100, ext. 105

Discipline, General School Policies, and Procedures
Mr. Zachary Davidson, Principal or Mr. Doug Dearden, Vice Principal (503) 658-4100, ext. 201

Sports (games, departure/arrival times, dates/times, eligibility, officiating, etc.)
Kristen Sandy, Athletic Secretary (503) 658-4100, ext. 110
Mr. Wakefield, Athletic Director (503) 658-4100, ext. 111

College, Credits and Scheduling (high school academic requirements, college-career information, making up a credit from a failed class and SAT’s/ACT’s)
Mrs. Jan Dauntless, College and Career Counselor (503) 658-4100, ext. 224

Living Classrooms (departure, arrival, cost, accommodations, contact information and schedule)
Mr. Zachary Davidson, Principal, Mr. Dearden, Vice Principal (503) 658-4100, ext. 201

Friday Feast
Mrs. Melissa Purington,