Our Statement of Faith:

Statement of Faith (August 6, 2019)

Our Mission:

To call people to follow Jesus and become like Him.

Our Vision:

A Growing Community for Christ: Walking in truth, Living out love, Building on faith.

Our Values:

Truth:  We value God’s absolute truth, discovered through Creation (general revelation) and the Scriptures (special revelation). 

Therefore we…

- Teach God’s truth, through ministries of biblical education

- Walk in God’s truth, seeking to grow in holiness and practice integrity

Love: We value the love God has for us and accept his command for us to love God, one another, and our neighbor. 

Therefore we…

- Worship God, growing in our faith, service, and willingness to sacrifice

- Practice redemptive grace in relationships, caring for, encouraging, and building up one another

- Reach out with service, sacrifice, and the Good News of Jesus to our neighbors

Growth:  We value growth as the necessary outcome of fulfilling our mission. 

Therefore we…

- Pursue personal growth through spiritual disciplines and relationships in the body 

- Pursue church growth that is spiritual (likeness to Jesus) and numerical (new believers), expanding ministries and the facilities needed to enable them

Faith:  We value faith as the foundation of our relationship to God. 

Therefore we…

- Believe God for a promised and guaranteed eternal future (our hope)

- Believe God for a near future under His guidance by the Holy Spirit

- Live in gratitude for God’s faithfulness and willingly sacrifice to participate in achieving His desired future.

Community:  We value community, involving all the various relationships we live in. 

Therefore we…

- Seek to strengthen the community of God’s people at DCC through active involvement, serving according to God’s gifting as believers

- Honor and encourage the family as God has established it