Congratulations on winning teacher of the year by our local VFW .

- Staff: Erin Williams


Congratulations on your winning essay by our local VFW .

- Student: Grace


We are proud of Josh who recently graduated from West Point. Thank you for your service.

- Alumni: Joshua Mitchell

Beyond the Classroom

Ministry of DCC

A ministry of Damascus Community Church since 1975

Living Classrooms

Engaging week long field trips to kick off the school year. DC, Yellowstone, Mt. St. Helens...


Weekly High School Discipleship Groups Buddy Classes Family Chapel


Serving as Christ hands and feet in our community

Graduate Profile

99% Graduation Rate Last year our students scored 200 points higher than the national average on the SAT


5th - 12th Grade Sports

Music and Arts

Choir, Band, Worship, Art, Shop, Home Economics and Audio Tech

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