October 26-30, 2020 Eagle Eye

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Parent Survey: Please complete our short 9 question survey if you have not already done so.  Your feedback is important to use. Click this link for the survey.

Announcements from the County update: After a diligent investigation and some additional conversations it was determined that we can maintain our current educational format.  Therefore, our schedule will remain the same for the time being. 

Please continue to pray for the following:

  • Praise that are lone COVID-19 case has remained our only one and did not come from our school population.
  • The new announcement from the state metrics for schools opening next week. 
  • Changes to masks mandates.
  • Our Emergency Child Certification, which would enable us to have all our elementary students on campus.  Although we could not conduct direct instruction all day, we would still be able to address our student’s needs, provide for art, P.E., art, and other electives and provide work time.

“THE HEART OF A HERO” 3RD ANNUAL AUCTION:  An online auction is being held to honor alum Keaton Coffey, who died in active duty while serving in Afghanistan, Starting Saturday, October 17th, the online auction will include two dozen outings, vacation getaways, baskets and other packages.  Proceeds will be directed toward first responders and service members; a portion of the money raised will also fund our DCS Keaton Coffey Scholarship.  Please preview the available items at https://t2h.tofinoauctions.com/neverforget2020 and visit their website at https://tributetohonor.com.


ELD status and Metric Updates: We have been informed that the state and county received all the required documentation for our emergency childcare certification for students up to age 12 during traditional school hours.  As soon as we receive approval, we will inform you.  The state is also meeting over the next two weeks to present updated metrics, which we hope will be more favorable to bringing students back on campus.  They plan to release these new metrics mid to late October.


My student may be sick, what do I do? (Video Link)




































Can my sick student’s sibling still attend school?

Yes, a sick student’s sibling may still attend school if they do not exhibit any symptoms and the sick student or family member has not tested positive for COVID-19. 


What do I do if I or someone in my home test positive for COVID-19?

Please notify the school and all members of the home must quarantine for 14 days and must be symptom free without the aid of medication for 24 hours before coming back on campus.


I know this creates a considerable inconvenience on your family, but we are required to follow these mandates by the Oregon Health Authority.  These steps also ensure that we can maintain the least restrictive learning environment for all our students.