November 2nd - 6th Eagle Eye​​

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Emergency Child Care Approval: Our amazing staff have invested in over 100 hours of additional training and preparation, and the school board has made financial investment in pursuit of this certification.  After over two months of time we are happy to announce that we have finally been granted certification for Emergency Child Care.  This is a tremendous PRAISE!  We will enact this whenever we are unable to do traditional education because of the metrics.  Emergency Child Care Approval has the following impact on DCS:


  • Pre-Kindergarten – 6th grade can now be on campus full day from 9:30 AM – 3:15 PM.  Our Pre-K will continue to operate Tuesday – Thursday 9:30 – 11:30 on campus.
  • There are some different requirements in cleaning, staff to student ratios, and cohorting
  • We can still provide 2 hours of direct instruction.  This does not mean that we will be babysitting the rest of the day.  During the remaining day we will assist students with work, children will participate in PE, art, library, computers and Spanish.  Children can also work in collaborative groups, conduct experiments, and engage in projects.  Although this may require us to reframe the way we approach some topics, we feel we can still maintain our same academic rigor while meeting the requirements of Emergency Child Care Certification.


Metrics Update: The governor’s most recent announcement on Friday provided several encouraging changes for students and their parents across our state.  The impact of these new developments on DCS are still unknown.  Several meetings next week and reviewing the updated 90-page Ready Schools Safe Learners will provide some more clarity and direction.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up: Both our drop-off and pick-up are going well, and each is only taking about 15 minutes.  Despite these achievements, there are still a few areas in which we can improve.

  • Only enter the parking lot through the top entrance near the Library
  • Do not drive more than 5 miles per hour
  • If you are parking to pick up your students, please park in the south parking lot where we can provide better supervision



My student may be sick, what do I do? (Video Link)




































Can my sick student’s sibling still attend school?

Yes, a sick student’s sibling may still attend school if they do not exhibit any symptoms and the sick student or family member has not tested positive for COVID-19. 


What do I do if I or someone in my home test positive for COVID-19?

Please notify the school and all members of the home must quarantine for 14 days and must be symptom free without the aid of medication for 24 hours before coming back on campus.


I know this creates a considerable inconvenience on your family, but we are required to follow these mandates by the Oregon Health Authority.  These steps also ensure that we can maintain the least restrictive learning environment for all our students.