January 3-8, 2022 Eagle Eye​​

Happy New Year DCS Families!   We pray you had a relaxing and restoring Christmas break.  As we kick off the 2nd half of the school year, we resume our weekly eagle eye newsletter.  Please take a moment to check out the latest attached eagle eye edition to get a look at the week's schedule and important upcoming dates.

The end of the 2nd quarter/1st semester is quickly approaching!  Please be checking in with your students’ progress and helping to ensure all their work is turned in and they are caught up!

Re-Enrollment and New Student Applications for Siblings: 

On Monday, January 17th, re-enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year will become available to our currently enrolled families.  When this goes live, you will receive email instructions on how to re-enroll your currently enrolled students for the upcoming school year.

Additionally, new student application will also go live on the same day.  Any currently enrolled families that have new students/siblings they would like to enroll for the 2022-2023 school year will need to complete and submit new student applications at that time as well. 

Questions on either re-enrollment or new student enrollment, please contact Heidi Hale in the school office.


As activities increase on and off campus, we want to make sure everyone is ready and prepared for volunteer opportunities. Anyone seeking to volunteer in a DCS event/activity either on or off campus, must have the following completed through the finance office. 

All volunteers must complete a one-time volunteer application. Every two years, all volunteers must complete a background check process.  If you are seeking approval to drive students for DCS related events, such as games, field trips, activities, etc., you must be current on the above previous steps and complete a driver application. Driver applications must be renewed annually. And lastly, all volunteers will be required to comply with the mask mandate while serving as a volunteer and will need to provide either proof of vaccination or complete a religious or medical wavier

Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks after submitting all required documents for volunteer approval before you are planning on serving.  Once volunteers have received approval from the school, they will be given a security badge or renewal stickers for their previously issued security badge.  When coming onsite to serve as a volunteer, you must have your security badge on you and you must sign in and out through the school office. 

Questions on volunteer approval, please contact Kristie Herdener in the finance office.