October 3-7, 2022 Eagle Eye News

We have wrapped up the month of September and are starting off October full speed ahead! Our varsity volleyball team hosted a tournament this Saturday with 4 out of the 6 teams ranking in the top 10 of the OSAA State rankings. Our Lady Eagles won the day, remain undefeated with a 22-0 record, and are now ranked #1 in the State! Stay tuned in future Eagle Eyes for an update on how all our Eagles teams are doing. 

Check out this week’s edition of the Eagle Eye for a look at the schedule and upcoming events! Secondary Conferences are this week. They will be held arena style in the Auditorium on Thursday from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. At least one parent from each family with secondary students (7th-12th Grade) should plan on attending.    

This Monday, during elementary chapel, select students will receive character awards for the month of September. On the first chapel of each month, teachers will recognize 3 students from their class to receive 3 different character awards for the previous month. During chapel, those students will be recognized on stage and will receive a certificate. The 3 awards are: 

  • The David Award – This award is given to the students who demonstrate by their actions that they have a heart for God. They are the students who not only show an interest in spiritual truths, but they also do their best to apply those truths in their daily lives.
  • The Solomon Award – This award is given to the students, who, like Solomon, apply their hearts to wisdom. 
  • The Paul Award – Each month will focus on a different Fruit of the Spirit. For example, the month of September will focus on the Fruit of the Spirit Love. A student who best demonstrates this particular Fruit of the Spirit in their daily life at DCS will receive this award.

Only a month into school and our Lost and Found is overflowing!  If your child is missing anything, feel free to come look in our lost and found area just inside the main school entrance. Additionally, please label your child’s things with their first and last name.  This includes, jackets, water bottles, lunch boxes, binders, etc. When the lost and found becomes too full, we will display items on tables in the courtyard for a day or two. Any unclaimed items will be bagged up and given to a local charity.  An email notifying families of this will go out a day or two beforehand. Looking for a way to volunteer at DCS?  We are looking for a lost and found parent coordinator.  If interested, please contact the school office for details.

A few minor adjustments were made to the school calendar recently.  Check out the most recent copy here or find it on our website under paperwork and forms. 

Mark your calendars, Operation Christmas Child is coming soon! Students will once again have the opportunity to provide for kids in need around the world through the program’s shoebox giving.   This outreach also shares the gospel to kids around the world in their own language. Please pray for this outreach and mark your calendars for October 18th – 20th!

Did you know DCS has our own online Spirit Wear Store?  You can shop any time, day or night, 365 days of the year! 1st Place SpiritWear is our partner company, and offer different discounts and deals throughout the year. Check it out at https://1stplace.sale/76481