Community Groups are a place for people to build relationships with others at their relative “age” and “stage in life” while growing in the grace of our Lord Jesus. This is accomplished through relationships of love, service, and mutual care as participants study and apply the Word of God together. The purpose for the “age and stage of life” orientation of community groups is assimilation—providing a place in the body where visitors can quickly identify with others who share their life situation, interests, and needs.

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We are young adults of college age (20ish) on the doorstep of life. We are in the season of major life decisions—career, relationships, and challenges to our faith from the culture we are engaged in. Beyond class, we interact and stay connected through social media. We are intentional about connecting the Bible to the contemporary issues we face.

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Destination (Post-college singles and couples) 101

We are young adults ranging from our early twenties to early thirties; but more than that, we are a tight-knit group of friends who enjoy spending time together at social gatherings during the week. We have both singles and married couples (with kids and without kids), and most of us are involved in career building or career transition (pursuing advanced education or training). For this reason, we study a variety of topics anchored in God's Word, and primarily engage in applying God's Word to our lives through group Bible study.

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Cross Connection (Singles and Couples with younger families) 104

Our group ranges from the “young family” stage, with toddler or elementary kids, to those with older children—and we offer a warm welcome! Together we wrestle with what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, specifically as our roles expand in parenting and becoming more involved in leadership in our family, work, and church circles. Expect good fellowship and lively, thought-provoking discussions!

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Foundations (Various ages) M2

The Foundations group includes both singles and couples of all ages whose interest is the Word of God, the foundation for our faith. Our purpose is to better understand and apply the Scriptures to our lives as we study together and interact with one another.

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Homeland (The “in-betweeners”) M6

Many of us in the Homeland group are balancing the issues that come with aging parents and young, independent adult children. Several have progressed into the retirement phase of life (busier than ever), but others are still in the routine of daily work. We focus on prayer for those we care about, and a variety of approaches to the Word to instruct and encourage one another in living out our faith.

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Christians In Action (North and South) (Active 60+ adults) North– Library / South– Gym

We are couples and singles in the “mature” stages of life. We love the Lord and His Word, love one another, and are active in serving the Lord in many diverse ways—prayer, giving, outreach, helps, encouragement, and sharing insights from life experience. We take the study of God’s Word seriously and meet in two different groups at the North (Library) and South (Gym) end of the DCC campus.

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Heritage (Senior Adults) 210

We are older people with younger hearts! Ages ranging from the 60’s to the 90’s, we are a group that cares for one another and others. We share a common concern for our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, that they will pursue Christ as they live in a spiritually dark world. We enjoy prayer and study with good discussions together in our group, and special events such as hymn sings at one of our homes.

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